Tuesday, 15 July 2008

One big room

I got there and it was just me and the big room. Freya came in for a bit to pick up her stuff and we had some great chats which really got me thinking more about what I'm doing. Although right now less thinking and more doing is in order.

I made a window display and then tried to figure out the video recorder. Then the water rate man came. It started to feel like my place then. I tore paper and moved things in the window a bit. Then Rosie came along. She is assisting with the project by distributing letters throughout Leeds. She's got some ace photo's which make me laugh. I think I'm feeling confined so we go out for a bit.

When I get back I start to think about the ladies who stood outside before and talked about how there used to be a gallery but now it's just an office. Looking at all the paper everywhere I could see where they were coming from. I just feel so depressed that I'm stuck in a room and not exploring Bialystok like I could have been. I need to start making and stop thinking.

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